IPL Watch Party with Video Chat : Unite, Celebrate, and Enjoy Cricket with Friends

Activate this chrome extension to view IPL matches together with your friends through one click 🏏👫

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How to Use


Is the IPL watch Party with video chat Chrome extension free to use ?

Yes, the IPL Party Chrome extension is completely free to install and use.

Can I use the IPL Party extension to watch IPL matches with friends who are in different cities or countries?

Absolutely! The extension allows you to watch matches with friends regardless of their geographical location, bringing you closer together virtually.

Do I need to have a JioCinema subscription to use this extension?

No, you do not need a JioCinema subscription. The extension works seamlessly with JioCinema to facilitate watch parties, but a subscription is not required.

Is it possible to customize or personalize watch parties with this extenison?

While the extension focuses on providing a seamless watch party experience, it currently does not offer customization features. However, you can chat and share emojis with your friends during the matches

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can invite to a watch party using this extension?

The extension does not impose a strict limit on the number of friends you can invite. However, the quality of the watch party experience may depend on factors such as internet bandwidth and device capabilities.

Transformed my IPL viewings! Easy to use, connects friends globally in a click. Feels like we're all watching together from the comfort of our homes. A true game-changer!

Mark Angilona

Finally, a way to enjoy IPL matches with distant friends as if we're side by side. Seamless, fun, and interactive. This IPL Party extension is the next best thing to being there in person

Alin Stive
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